It is so sad how people fall out of love these days.

Especially today’s generation, nobody values what we call “LOVE”

Today’s love is all about playing games, not being there for each other, breaking off relationships because of small misunderstandings that can easily be sorted out.

When you get in to a relationship, you’re supposed to give your all to your partner, there’s nothing like 50/50 kinda love, love is supposed to be 100/100. No egos in relationships.

If you can’t handle a relationship spare the person the heartbreak and leave them alone rather than treat them like shit.


The biggest suspense of life,

Is that you don’t know who is praying for you,

And who is playing with you

Be you,

don’t compare yourself to anyone,

don’t seek for attention,

if they love you, they will love you for who you are and how you are, if their eyes keep moving around in a crowd filled with different people and you are right infront of their eyes, they will never have eyes for you only.

Seek for eyes that will only see you.

Seek for eyes that will only love you.

Seek for eyes that will only want to give you attention.

Don’t settle for less.

If not, dump it all in the dustbin

Know your worth 🍃🍃🍃🍃

Don’t beat yourself up over somebody that doesn’t even think about you

Don’t stay up too late at night thinking about somebody that doesn’t even think about you

Stop hurting over somebody that doesn’t even have a clue of how much he hurts/hurting you or how much he put you through

Stop caring about somebody that doesn’t even care about you

Stop making time for somebody that wouldn’t even make time to talk to you or even know how you’re doing

Stop giving yourself out there to people that don’t even deserve you and the only thing that they know best is how to hurt you and make you feel like an option and not a choice I make you feel like you’re in a competition and like you just dont matter to them they will only need you when they need you or when they need something from you once I get it you don’t get to see them anymore or even hear from them

It is funny in today’s world to see how people treat each other, one second you mean so much to them and the other it’s like you no longer exist in their world. Be very careful of such kind of people, they will only put you through so much, make your heart ache, make you think otherwise about yourself, make you question yourself as to where you went wrong or what you did wrong.

Nothing than a straightforward person who is willing to talk about where exactly the problem is in be able to fix whatever is going wrong

And this is where the “it’s too late to apologize” and “it’s too late to look back” comes in.