You were a love I’d cross oceans for.

But at the end of it all, you were not worth it

Dear human

As i watch you sit there hurting, i try to cheer you up, but you dont let me,

You burden yourself with emotions, feelings, doubts and expect me to help you. You don’t let me,

I try to prove and show you the wrong people you let in your life, to avoid your heart from breaking, you don’t let me.

I give you several chances to trust your instincts but you simply dont.

The more you heart me, i try heal quicker for you, so as you stop hurting. When you hurt i hurt aswell.

My foolish human i love you no matter what.


Your Heart 💕


It is so sad how people fall out of love these days.

Especially today’s generation, nobody values what we call “LOVE”

Today’s love is all about playing games, not being there for each other, breaking off relationships because of small misunderstandings that can easily be sorted out.

When you get in to a relationship, you’re supposed to give your all to your partner, there’s nothing like 50/50 kinda love, love is supposed to be 100/100. No egos in relationships.

If you can’t handle a relationship spare the person the heartbreak and leave them alone rather than treat them like shit.


The biggest suspense of life,

Is that you don’t know who is praying for you,

And who is playing with you