my soul is missing

he told me he loved me and had always been trying to express himself to me but couldn’t, but now he finally did. i said why not, let me try make a relationship with him.

things were all good for the first few months, he was being too good to me and i never thought that he had bad intentions with me .

i was still pure and he knew about it, and told me that he was okay with it and he would wait till the day i’m ready. this made me love him even more and my trust for him grew.

one day he went out with his friends for a boys night out and left me by myself at the house.

at 12.30 am when i was sitted by myself watching TV, i heard a knock on the door, and thought it was him at the door, i went and opened but it was one of his best friend that was outside the door, he had a box of pizza in his hand and a coca cola drink, and he responded by saying that my boyfriend had asked him to get it for me.

i welcomed him in the house and he sat on the couch as i went in the room to get myself a sweater, as i turned back he was already in the room, locked the door and started telling me how attractive he finds me, i asked him to leave but he walked towards me and started caressing my hair, tears started falling off my eyes, as he kept touching me, he held my hands so tight and threw me on the bed, i tried to escape but i couldn’t as he was too strong, i kept crying and crying but he was so heartless and forced himself on me.

that night i lost myself, my soul and words to continue typing……………………………………………………………………………..



a girl,

you don’t see her as a girl, but as a meal.

a girl,

you take her as an idiot when she opens up to you and trusts you.

a girl,

you think she doesn’t have emotions and so you play around with her.

a girl,








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