She was a Muslim, and he was a Christian.
Two same people divided by religion and skin color
But that didn’t stop them from being together

Two same people madly inlove with each other
Divided by the distance between them
But that didn’t stop them from being together

Two same people judged from head to to toe because of their differences in their religion and skin color and not forgetting looks too.
But that didn’t stop them from being together.

Love is blind, love doesn’t choose your skin color, your looks or even your religion.

We are all human beings, so why don’t we stop judging people based on their looks, religion and skin color? Most people don’t know how others suffer from such judgements.

Let’s make today’s world a better world and accept people for who they are and how they are. Everyone matters, Everyone deserves to be loved and Everyone is important


I’m not perfect,

Not even close,

But i paint a different color of myself each day,

Hoping someday you’ll realise what a colorful art I’m going to be

Everything seems to be falling apart,

Yet i try put everything back together,

And once I’ve succeeded in doing so,

Everything falls apart again.

Lesson learnt: fix what wants to be really fixed

Deep inside

she knew who she was

and that person was smart, kind and even funny,

but somehow her personality always got lost somewhere between her heart and her mouth

and she found herself saying the wrong things more often or even nothing at all………..


But dont allow yourself to be used


But dont allow your heart to be abused


But don’t be naive


But don’t lose your voice♡

You’re all that matters to me

As i walk down the road filled with broken sharp glasses, he doesn’t notice that i don’t have shoes on, but i still walk down the road happily.

As i sat down beside him on the table to eat, he doesn’t notice that my plate is empty but as i watch how happily he is enjoying his meal i forget about my hunger.

As we go to bed at night, he doesn’t notice that I’m wide awake, having a sleepless night, because he is already in his dreamland.

As he wakes up in the morning, he finds me sitted outside, i look half dead and half alive, i hadn’t slept all night, i had deep dark eye bags under my eyes, but he still didn’t get it, as i nodded my head responding that i was okay.

I love you, i notice each and every small detail about you, when you’re mad, sad, annoyed, hungry, having sleepless nights, i notice it all and I’m always by your side no matter what.

You love me, you don’t notice each and every small detail about me, you don’t know when I’m mad, when I’m sad, when i need a shoulder to cry on, when i haven’t eaten, when im hurt,when and why i have sleepless nights, when, when,when………….

dont underestimate a woman.

my children are my world,

they mean so much to mean that nobody else would understand the love i have for my children apart from another mother that has children of her own. -said a mother.

most men mistreat women when they do not know that paradise is under her feet and without her in this world he has no use.

a man wouldn’t know what kind of pain every woman goes through each second everyday, yet men think they are the strongest. yes the are strong but only when it comes to providing for his family and looking after them which is obviously his responsibility.

as a man try walk out on your family and see if the woman wouldn’t become both the man and woman of the house and shoulder all the responsibilities without complaining.

when God blesses you with a woman as your wife and children, he hands you over their responsibilities and you should accept them fully no matter what, mind you that God is watching each and every move of yours, women are blessings and most dont realize that.

when you love your wife no matter what,God blesses your marriage and your house, when you look after your family with so much love, you get blessings upon blessings as God is happy with your actions, when you have arguments in your relationship make sure you solve them calmly and with love, mind you, a woman can take you to heaven and hell as well depending on your actions towards her.

never make a woman cry.

did you know?

when you truly care for someone,

their mistakes never change your feeling because its the mind that gets angry but the heart still cares.

never regret being a good person, to the wrong people, ever.

your behavior says everything about you and their behavior says enough about them.