There are two kinds of people in this world that we should all be aware of and stay away from.

1. The kind of people that get close to you in order to get or attain something from you materialistic wise. They can make a really realistic scene that you would believe the bullshit that comes from their mouths.

Such people would do whatever it takes or go to any extent to make you believe that they really want you in their lives, that love you genuinely but behind their minds, they have a game well planned.

2. The kind of people that would just want to use you, your emotions, your feelings simply because they have something going on with in their lives or having problems with a person they used to date, so in order to forget them, they move on with a different person, make them catch feelings and all, make them open up, make them fall inlove. Once they feel that they no longer helpful or of no use anymore. They shut them out with lame excuses.

People’s emotions are not to be played with.

Nor is it okay to play around with someone’s heart or feelings.

We are human beings. We all hurt differently.

So i think it wouldn’t be fair to hurt someone innocent simply because you’re hurt or tired of them.

Karma is a bitch


You’re not alone

Life is not a bed of roses nor does it mean that you will be born with a golden spoon in your mouth nor does it mean that you shall forever and always be happy

What comes to your mind when someone asks you what life is?

In my perspective I believe that life is being able to wake up everyday and thanking God for waking you up and you being able to see another day because there are so many people that don’t wake up to see another day like the way you woke up to see another day.

Life is being able to thank God for each and every moment for each and every time that passes by because you are blessed to be able to do so many things in one day.

Life is still thanking god for all the bad things that happened for all the wrong things that go wrong all in all everything that happens we should always thank God

No matter what you go through always have a smile on your face.

Don’t complain don’t ask God why me but in fact ask why not me

When i say i love you,

It means i love you, your scars, your pain, your happiness, your problems, your headaches, you as a whole package.

When i say i love you, it means I’ll stick with you through whatever, the storm, the rain, the sunny days all in all.

When i say i love you, it means i got you, i got your back, through whatever, my ride or die.

Let it not be a 50/50 kinda love but 100/100

No excuses. No pressure. Pure honesty. Pure intentions.

Feel the love as much as i do

A sucker for romance?

A sucker for love?

I dont know. What do you think?

She always wants to be by his side, does whatever it takes for her to be able to see him, talk to him.

Ever loved someone so much that it drives you insane?

Well she loves the madness.

His sadness. His happiness.

His smile. His eyes. His lips ughhh

To be continued………


Her dream, You forever in her life.Her dream, You always having her back and protecting her.Her dream, You showing and telling her how much she means to you.Her dream, You always loving her, through Thick and Thin.Her dream, You going down on one knee, asking her to be yours forever.Her dream, You and Her together down the aisle uniting to become one.Her dream, You calling her the mother of your children.Her dream, You and Her growing old together

In your arms,

I feel safe.

In your arms,

I feel like im the happiest woman on earth.

In your arms,

I forever want to be in.

In your arms,

Im the only person you can feel.

In your arms,

There is no space nor room for anyone else

Him and I 🐾

I’m his and he is mine

And i believe we will make it through together sooner or later, despite both of us being afraid of getting hurt.

But being hurt by him is worth it all, because i cannot see myself with anybody else but him.

He feels so right despite certain circumstances that holds both of us back.

Patience, patience, patience, in the end it’ll give us delicious fruits that we will both enjoy


If i were you, I’d never let me go♡