Her dream, You forever in her life.Her dream, You always having her back and protecting her.Her dream, You showing and telling her how much she means to you.Her dream, You always loving her, through Thick and Thin.Her dream, You going down on one knee, asking her to be yours forever.Her dream, You and Her together down the aisle uniting to become one.Her dream, You calling her the mother of your children.Her dream, You and Her growing old together


In your arms,

I feel safe.

In your arms,

I feel like im the happiest woman on earth.

In your arms,

I forever want to be in.

In your arms,

Im the only person you can feel.

In your arms,

There is no space nor room for anyone else

Him and I 🐾

I’m his and he is mine

And i believe we will make it through together sooner or later, despite both of us being afraid of getting hurt.

But being hurt by him is worth it all, because i cannot see myself with anybody else but him.

He feels so right despite certain circumstances that holds both of us back.

Patience, patience, patience, in the end it’ll give us delicious fruits that we will both enjoy


If i were you, I’d never let me go♡

Nothing hurts like wanting to be someone that knows that you want them but then act like they have no idea, but all they do is just keep pushing and pulling you back

I want you so bad in my life, that at times it kills me not knowing where exactly I stand in your life

True love exists, but only to the lucky ones


Sun is out.

Beautiful and shinny.

Wind blowing into different directions.

Birds outside,

Chirping and singing.

So happy and carefree.

What about her?

Locked inside the room, heart broken again, sitted at the corner.

Hair? Messy

Eyes? Teary

Nose? Runny

Mascara? Messy

Heart? Shattered

Feelings? Shut

Her? Broken and shattered beyond fix.

They asked, ” why get involved anyways when you know it’ll hurt that much?”

She replied, ” i love, always, but i just want to know how it feels to love and be loved”.

It takes too much courage for one person to express how he or she feels about a certain person

It takes a lot for one person to come clean about how much they love you and value you, but when you don’t have an answer back about how you feel about them, each day they think about it, they break down and wonder what it is that they don’t have that you want or expect from them or are they just not worthy of you?