Just like sun, i would shine his life with my love, just like the stars, i would look after him through the beautiful nights, just like the river, he would flow with me through out. 

A glimpse of my smile would melt his heart like an open bowl of icecream kept under the sun, he was obsessed with my soft skin, silky hair and my beautiful curvy waist, i was perfect for him.

He loved me so much, cared for me, i was always in his mind, there was no way he would think of another woman apart from me.

As moments went by, i felt strange in my heart, that happiness that i was feeling turned to be abit painful to my heart, do perfect lovers really exist? As i tried convincing my self “Okay let me not get there, im probably assuming shit“, i let it go.

Couple of months passed, i woulf no longer get my morning kisses and hugs, i would no longer get random phone calls all the time, i would no longer get updates of his daily activities, i let it slide. 

He had another lover, behind my back, it broke me, killed me, shattered me, he betrayed me,he simply betrayed me, despite the fact that he knew what i had been through, he had promised me, he has broken his promise and my heart too, he was selfish, he never really thought about what he would put me through again.

As i packed my stuff ready to leave, i waited for his return so i could look into his eyes and ask him”why?”. He got home as i was waiting for him on the kitchen table, my mascara was ruined by my tears, my heart was in so much pain, he wouldn’t understand, i guess he never really loved me.

He had no words for me, he was cold, i walked out, he didn’t even bother to stop me, he threw away all the beautiful memories we shared, why would he anyway? He has someone else in his life.


My thoughts went blanks, my body went numb, my eyes dried and my fingers stopped typing.

the perfect lie

​People. Falling for each others’ pretensions, fakeness and whatever various faces they can put on to wear. And then they call it love. What a fantasy. Humanity bores me.

Spend your time with people that love you unconditionally, not with those who only love you under certain conditions.
Some people come in to our livea either as a blessing or a lesson. Choose wisely as to whom you open upto. 

If you dont have good intentions leave me alone, im tired.

🌼A flower that lost its importance 🌼

I was once that beautiful flower that meant so much to you, i made sure i provided you with so much happiness and my fragrance made you fall in love with me , and you kept me safe and watered me to help me blossom so that i could always be by your side.

All of a sudden i had no meaning to your life anymore and you took me by my branch and started plucking my petals whispering to yourself “she loves me, she loves me not”, since you no longer needed me anymore, i gathered all my petals and i knew i wasn’t your flower anymore. 

Flowers grow back even after they have been stepped on, so will i. 


Deep down, my heart hurts, i bleed love, i cry love, i sweat love, i eat love, it is not all about being too desperate it is all about wanting to feel, experience and share true love with someone that craves the same.

True love is meant to be experienced and cherished, only those who value “Love” would do whatever it takes to hold on to it, arguments happen, mistakes happen, and im not talking about “cheating”. If you truly love someone you wouldn’t even think about doing something behind their backs that would hurt them. 

Hold on to what makes you happy, fuck people’s opinions, its your life, do you, have time for one another, trust each other, love each other unconditionally, let him/her know how much they mean to you, pray for each others success, be there for each other no matter what.

Loyalty through thick and thin❤